Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Select New from the Menu at the top of your browser screen

Select Product from the Drop Down Menu

Enter the Product name

WooCommerce Variable Product1

Enter Yoast SEO Focus Keyphrase and Meta Description. Usually copy of Product name.

WooCommerce Variable Product Yoast

Select Variable Product from Product data drop down

Select Taxable for Tax status

Select Standard from Tax Class

WooCommerce Variable Product Variable Product

Select Attributes and Custom Product attribute For This Type Product

WooCommerce Variable Product Attribute1

Click Select all below the Values field. Click Save attributes.

WooCommerce Variable Product Attribute Value Select All Save

Click Variation then Go next to Add Variation then the Variation you want at the bottom of the list your customer sees.

WooCommerce Variable Product Variation1

Click Expand to enter the Variation details

WooCommerce Variable Product Variation2

Enter SKU, Price, Weight, Length, Width, Height(12x12x12 for small products where packaging size will vary), Tax class – Standard

Save changes!!!

WooCommerce Variable Product Variation3

Repeat the above 3 steps for each variation you want for this product

Scroll down to Product short description and enter it

WooCommerce Variable Product Variation4

Scroll to top of page. In right column and select Product Categories that apply to this product and Product Tags. Tags are search phrases you expect customers to use when searching for this product type in the Search Engines. Select or enter several if needed.

WooCommerce Variable Product Categories Tags

Select Product Image

WooCommerce Variable Product Image

From the pop-up window select an image from your Library or Upload a new image. Then Set Product Image.

WooCommerce Variable Product Image 2

To add more product image select Add product gallery images and repeat the above 2 steps.

Scroll to the top of the window and click Publish to save your product changes and add it to your shop catalog.

Go to your shop front-end(what your customers see) and check your product!!!